Jui NimedoArchitect in Training

    Jui Nimedo

    Architect in Training

    Jui started working at Arrington Watkins in early 2022 as Architect-in-Training. Jui was born and raised in Mumbai, India, where she completed her Bachelors in Architecture. She worked for three years in the architecture industry before coming to the United States for higher education. She completed her Master’s in Architecture at ASU in May 2020 and has been working in the industry ever since. Jui has a passion for sustainability and aspires to work towards our planet’s sustainable future. In her free time Jui likes to work in her backyard garden, try different hobbies in art, travel, and spend quality time with her family and friends.

    Favorite quote – “When you want something with all your heart, entire universe conspires in helping you to achieve it. ”— Paulo Coelho.

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