Ruonan LiuArchitect in Training



    Ruonan Liu

    Architect in Training

    Ruonan was born and raised in a small city in northeast China. After finishing her undergraduate degree in Beijing, she went to Arizona State University for a Master of Architecture in 2015. She had experience working on commercial and high-end residential projects prior to joining Arrington Watkins in September 2019.  At Arrington Watkins, Ruonan is able to fulfill one of her desires to design buildings in the public sector.  While growing up in China as a child, she was curious about the conservation of water and electricity.  This is where she developed a passion for sustainable design.  While she has just begun her journey in Architecture, she is looking forward to becoming more knowledgeable in her architectural practice.

    Fav quote: “Blessings come in disguise”

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