Vaishnavi JoshiArchitect in Training


    Vaishnavi Joshi

    Architect in Training

    Vaishnavi attended University of Pune in India where she received her Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture.  In 2017, Vaishnavi moved to Arizona where she enrolled in the Master of Architecture program at Arizona State University.  She had a desire to learn more about different construction methods and techniques that were practiced in other regions.  She developed an interest in steel structures while working in construction in India.  Her experiences working in industrial construction, pre-engineered buildings and Light Gauge Steel structures were extremely valuable to her and helped her understand the practical side of architecture.  She is currently in the process of obtaining her professional licensing through NCARB.  She believes in simplicity and enhancing users’ interactions with the built environment.  She has a passion for the outdoors and is a pet lover.


    Fav quote: “Knowledge is a process of piling up facts; wisdom lies in their simplification” – Martin H. Fischer

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